Streptococcus version 2

The second version of the Streptococcus species array is an Agilent inkjet in-situ synthesized (IJISS) array designed to sequences from EnsemblBacteria release 5. The following subversions are available (Individual strain versions are available upon request):

Array version: SPv2.0.0
Design date: 6/08/2010
Array type: oligonucleotide (60mer)
Genomes included: S.pneumoniae TIGR4
S.pneumoniae R6
S.pneumoniae G54
S.pneumoniae 70585
S.pneumoniae ATCC 700669
S.pneumoniae CGSP14
S.pneumoniae D39 + pDP1
S.pneumoniae Hungary19A-6
S.pneumoniae JJA
S.pneumoniae P1031
S.pneumoniae Taiwan19F-14
S.pneumoniae TCH8431 19A
Platform: Agilent 8x15k