Welcome to BuG@S

The Bacterial Microarray Group at St George's (BµG@S) facility was established, through the Wellcome Trust’s Functional Genomics Initiative, as a multi-collaborative bacterial microarray facility for the purposes of making available DNA microarray technology to the microbial pathogen research community in the UK.

In the 10 years since it began, the facility has designed and made available microarrays for 12 important bacterial pathogens. Indeed, 30+ different designs have been generated and over 30,000 microarrays printed and distributed.

The BµG@S project forms the hub of a collaborative network of over 80 research groups and 250 individual scientists, based in the UK, Europe and worldwide, providing microarrays, expertise, practical training, data analysis and database resources on the basis of scientific collaboration. To date, BµG@S and collaborators have co-authored over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

As the underlying technology of high throughput transcriptomics evolves we aim to integrate next generation sequencing methodology to provide cutting edge analysis for our collaborators.