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New website design

Welcome to our new website. It has been built using the Drupal Content Management System to provide a more dynamic source of information to our collaborators.

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BµG@S team

HIv2 in development

Now working on HIv2.

These are the strains

LMv2 released

Announcing the release of a pan species Listeria array, including gene content from

  • L. monocytogenes EGD-e
  • L. monocytogenes 08-5578
  • L. monocytogenes 08-5578 plasmid pLM5578
  • L. monocytogenes 08-5923
  • L. monocytogenes Clip80459
  • L. monocytogenes F2365
  • L. monocytogenes HCC23
  • L. innocua Clip11262
  • L. seeligeri SLCC3954
  • L. welshimeri SLCC5334
  • L. monocytogenes F6854
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